About Medical Experience

My Canadain Pharmacy is about to bring up the subject of responsibility and features of medical workers. Are you able to envision the process of being wakeful during night time, being anxious and wondering if you are a cause of someone’s death? Every practicing physician can have such kind of thoughts. It is an amenable conversion time when you are not just a medical student but a practicing physician to provide healthcare giver. During this time, there are so many predispositions to mistakes appearance. Teaching in the university doesn’t make you ready for such consequences. You should learn it by yourself during practice.

In general, July is not an appropriate time to get enough experience not to make mistakes. You cannot skip the following scheme: student – a beginner, a second-year student, a third-year student, as a result following this pattern you will become a practicing physician. Becoming the young specialist, but only in theory, all the hopes are crashed down when facing infinite human beings condition instability. There exist so many approaches to make a right choice, and there are so many ways to spoil everything. Two people with similar diagnosis might undergo absolutely different treatment courses. In general, it is better to do as written in books but sometimes it leads to fatal mistakes.

All books you have read and exams you have passed can’t make you prepared for moral and ethical values of life. May you decide whether abortion is a correct practice or baby murder? Being alone in an emergency room at 2 a.m., are you sure that bringing to consciousness a ninety-two-year-old woman suffering from a respiratory arrest and a broken neck you won’t bring back a vegetable? Is data collecting in anamnesis unlawful? How to conduct if the patient doesn’t have any idea about it? Who is that person who draws the line in “turf wars” over various surgical services when those doctors try to carry out a competition for patients in the institution? Never stop learning.

My Canadian Pharmacy says that people who associate their lives with medicine should be real professionals and also possess such features as stress resistance, honesty, ability to respond quickly to critical situations.

Ability to behave in the hands, to make decisions without delay that can save a person’s life, and at the same time remain a bright, kind person, able to cheer up patients and inspire confidence in a successful recovery.

According to My Canadian Pharmacy,  a profession of surgeons, obstetricians, traumatologists, psychiatrists is especially difficult. These units of medicine are always associated with human pain – physical and mental.

Not everyone is able to find a way out of the most difficult situations, and at the same time to eliminate the problem without delay. It’s a very important part of medical practice.